Logic Pro X vs Pro Tools Comparative Review

Let’s compare Logic Pro X and Pro Tools. We hope that it will be helpful for those who will introduce it in the future. In conclusion, we will divide it into several items and compare them.

Logic pro x

Price comparison

The price of a full-grade DAW tools are about $700 for Pro Tools and $227 for Logic Pro X, which is three times the price difference. There is no actual difference in content so that you can feel the difference.

Also, Pro Tools uses a subscription method, so even if you buy it, you have to buy a license once a year. The number of such software is increasing, and considering the development cost, it is not without it, but I think that the lower the cost, the better, so Logic is superior in this respect.

Furthermore, if you aim for the time of the iTunes card point-up campaign, you can actually get it for about $191 cheap.

Comparison of operating environment

We think this is Pro Tools considering that it works on Windows, but since Logic is optimized for Mac in the first place, it works lightly and it is hard to throw errors.

Also, Pro Tools requires iLok authentication to use, so it’s a bit annoying.

Logic can be used immediately after installation, so there is no stress in that regard. You can also run your logic Pro on windows by using a virtual environment. Also, Avid’s license manager is really hard to use. This is bittersweet.

Plug-in comparison

Regarding the quality of plug-ins, even if Pro Tools comes with a UVI library, We think that honestly, Tonton or Logic is better. However, we don’t need to increase the library separately, so we want it to be cheaper. Honestly. There are many times when Pro Tools feels that it’s okay to have more basic features, such as pitch correction and analyzers. After all, you will end up buying it separately. Of course, the longer you use Logic, the more you will want a plug-in, but since we have all the basic parts from production to mixing, we have a lot of strengths in that part.

Benefits of Pro Tools

However, Pro Tools, which has become an industry standard, also has its strengths.

  1. You can pass the session data to the recording studio
  2. Easy to mix

If you have frequent interactions with the recording studio, you may want to have one. However, how much you interact with the recording studio in the production of amateurs is a delicate place. After all, MIX is easy to do, maybe because we are used to it.

The ease of viewing the screen and the ease of operation. But if you start with Logic, we think it won’t change much. After all, it is important to get used to it. So, if you choose either one, we recommend Logic Pro X. Pro Tools is recommended for people who only do MIX. Someone who wants to be a MIX engineer. After all, the main recording studio is Pro Tools, and operating Pro Tools is the best.

We hope it will be helpful for you. If you have any other questions you can ask us on the comments.

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